Simataa Slams President Lungu’s Regional Appointments

Firebrand UPND aspiring councillor for Kamwala Ward 5 Mainda Simataa has lambasted President Lungu’s recent tribal showcasing where he appointed 7 permanent secretaries from only 2 provinces of Zambia where PF depends on tribalism as a campaign weapon – Eastern and Northern provinces.

“Lungu is a tribal sadist, he’s not very different from Adolf Hitler. He’s using politics of identity – tribal identity to divide Zambians, and this is tearing at the tenuous social fabric of Zambia’s ethnic diversity by creating a vicious political North-East tribal hegemony.”

Simataa says that Lungu’s regional appointment of all 7 permanent secretaries today is testament to Lungu’s growing appetite for tribal sadism,”he derives pleasure from humiliating, firing and sidelining tribes which are not part of his North, East hedgemony.”
Simataa also lamented the fact that the PF had successfully created a very toxic culture were Tongas are afraid to speakout, and are expected to suffer tribal negativity in silence for fear of being labeled tribal, or offending ‘others’.

“Today, because of persistent PF tribal brainwashing, most people will first look at your name before they can even listen to you, they’ll say oh, it’s Simataa, this chap is from Western province, he’s only saying this to advance his political agenda and that of his tribal cousins, and it ends there. Very unfortunate”.

Simataa, who’s also Kabwata information and Publicity Secretary adds that unfortunately for Lungu, the August 12 elections won’t be decided on tribal lines, “majority of people are feeling the pinch of economic hardships, and they will vote for those who can alleviate their poverty regardless of what name they carry, not those who champion the evil scheme of tribal supremacy to stay relevant when their time is up”.

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