Simataa: We’ll Treat All Prison Votes as Rejected Ballots

Firebrand UPND aspiring councillor for Kamwala Ward 5 Mainda Simataa says ECZ’s unilateral decision to go ahead and register prison voters, despite all the legal, moral and political objections raised by political and civil society stakeholders, is tantamount to conducted likely to cause the breach of peace.

Simataa further says as far as the opposition is concerned, all prison votes will be treated as REJECTED BALLOTS because they are to be cast by people who don’t meet the bare-minimum requirements, adding that last time he checked, no prison was designated as a polling station, and therefore, all ballots to emanate from prisons are invalid before they are even cast.

“Nshindano is a shameless rigging agent doing all the dirty donkey work for the PF, and it will cost his freedom, he’s a very strong candidate for a 5 year jail term”.

And Simataa who is also UPND Kabwata Constituency Information and Publicity Secretary adds that votes from Chimbokaila prison won’t count as part of Kabwata Constituency – “they should find a Constituency in Congo to add them,” Simataa has further warned Nshindano and his ECZ cronies not to dare announce the prison vote on the day of election results as part of the national vote, as any attempts to do so will trigger a serious backlash who’s consequences will be too ghastly to contemplate.

Simataa adds that the first person to be arrested immediately HH is declared President will be ECZ CEO, Patrick Nshindano…”Nshindano is a threat to national security, and his conduct is likely to cause the breach of peace, and such characters ought to be removed from society to preserve the common good”.

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