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Singer Jay Rox issues an apology to Zambians

Music artist Jay Rox has apologised to Zambians for saying they failed him and don’t show support to his music.

In a post on social media seen, the artist said he has rescinded his decision to leave Zambia and go to a country where his music would be appreciated.

He said the only move he will do henceforth is to relocate to people’s hearts who have shown him enormous support the past few days after releasing his latest album Enigma.

In Other News – DEC and ACC search Bowman Lusambo’s house – Video

THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Drug Enforcement Commission, and the Zambia Police have conducted a search at the residence of PF member Bowman Lusambo in Lusaka’s Chamba Valley.

Bowman Lusambo1ACC public relations officer Queen Chibwe said a combined team of security personnel from ACC, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and Zambia Police conducted a search atlearn more

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