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Singer Kaina Songbird hits the gym: Pictures

Singer Kaina Songbird hits the gym: Pictures. She is one of the best vocalists in the country and we love her voice. She has melted many hearts in the whole country with her sweet voice. Born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia. Kaina Songbird grew up listening to the likes of Whitney Houston and a little bit of Brandy.

She knew she wanted to be a performing artist at a very young age and recalls truly knowing that singing was something she longed to do when she heard and began training her vocals to the song Hero by Mariah Carey. At the time her only goal was to sound like Mariah!

She performed in school plays and later went on to perform to larger audiences in church and at weddings. During her teen years much of her time was spent in school, while she had hoped to go to an art school this was not the case, so she continued to practise her singing at home for the most part.

But now see where she is, this proves that persistence and hunger to achieve what you want in life will push you to do anything in your power to do it. She is also a strong believer in staying fit and she loves to go to the gym. Check these pictures of her hitting the gym.

Kaina Songbird

Like the life l live…

Kaina Songbird

Selfie moments…

Kaina Songbird

Balance is the Key😂🤣#HappyThursdayChampions!! 💪#GoPigOrGoHome!! 🐷😂😎 #ButterflyKisses🦋

Kaina Songbird

One of the rooms l feel alive…

Kaina Songbird

They don’t call it Fresh for nothing 🤷‍♀️😍!! All day, everyday!