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Sizwe Dhlomo – Drugs are Bad

Sizwe Dhlomo

This past weekend, AKA was all over the internet with his controversial tweets. Some tweeps wished they could send someone to take away his cellphone because homeboy was hard at work.



It all started when he advised males to get themselves a 21-year-old. His tweet was met with mixed emotions, some slammed him and others said he was on the verge of being a s.e.x predator.

He went to advise tweeps that, if someone gives you a piece of advice, they must be living the same life you admire but, if not then, they don’t qualify to offer up any suggestions. This saw Cassper weighing in and slamming him.

In other news – Zizo Tshwete shares an adorable throwback picture of her as a baby

Zizo Tshwete posted a throwback picture of herself as a toddler and boy did she look cute… well she still does! Upon close glance, nothing much has changed about fan favourite Zizo – her signature smile is still cute as a button and her beauty has clearly refined throughout the years.

Zizo Tshwete

The mother of one took to Instagram and shared the vintage picture below. Her followers heaped only compliments on her timeless beauty! Read more

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