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Small-scale farmers don’t engage in sustainable farming

Only approximately 200,000 of Zambia’s 1. 8 million small-holder farmers engage in sustainable agriculture, according to the Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance.

In order to increase production, build soil, and safeguard the environment as the sector transitions to comprehensive agriculture, national coordinator ABEL MUSUMALI has urged the government to give sustainable agriculture packages top priority.

Mr. MUSUMALI was speaking during a workshop on climate wise agriculture policy review and advocacy, which was organized to examine current regulations.

Speaking at the same event, AGNES Chinyama, project manager for the KAZA ARISE and FOOD SYSTEMS, urged communities to adopt climate wise agriculture to build resilience to the effects of climate change on the agriculture industry.

According to KAMPASA TEMBO, the chairperson of the Green Living Movement, it is critical to implement the proper agricultural methods in order to meet the rising need for food in a sustainable manner as Zambia’s population grows.

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