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DJ Maphorisa and Slik Talk involved in a fight on social media – Watch

South African record producer, DJ Maphorisa has responded to Slik Talk calling him ‘Ugly’. The two have been dragging each other for hours on social media.

DJ Maphorisa went on Instagram live and bashed Slik Talk after calling him ugly.

“What is this boy Slik Talk saying? He is too forward, he must not mess with me,” exclaimed an angry Maphorisa.

Slik Talk then fired back at Maphorisa and threw even more shade at him. “This Squidward from a Spongebob-looking n***a has the nerve to say he’s cute. DJ Maphorisa you and I both know that you are a couple of nickel’s away from a dollar. You’re not the sharpest tool in the shed, you’ve been ugly your whole life.”

“The Maphorisa school of ugly is a real institution, one of your top achievers, your top students is Busta 929. Man is a 1 out of 10 on a good day. You’ve been ugly your whole life DJ Maphorisa, don’t play yourself.

“You walking around in tight leather pants does not dispute the fact that you’ve been ugly your whole life. You’ve always have been ugly your whole life, you’ve never been cute. This is the same Maphorisa that was crying like a simp a couple of months ago, in the club because Jazzi Q took his girl,” said Slik Talk.


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