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Solo opens up on proposing to Dineo – I was re-scripting my words in my head

Dineo Moeketsi and Solo

SA hip hop artist, Solo opens up on how he proposed to his wife, Dineo Moeketsi a year ago. Today, 7th of January makes it 8 years since they’ve been dating. However, Solo finds it interesting to narrate all the feels that comes with proposing to his bae.

“Exactly a year ago, my wife and I took a trip to Mozambique. We’ve always made it a point to prioritize our anniversaries. This one was no different. Except, of course, the fact that I was planning on proposing to her. I’d love to share the story of getting the ring safely through airport… but perhaps that’s a different post,” he said.

“Everything (nothing) went according to plan on the day. Leading up to our anniversary, I couldn’t sleep. My stomach was upset the whole time. I’d wake up at around 4 or 5am each morning.

Dineo Moeketsi and Solo2

“Point is, after 7 years of being together, I genuinely assumed that I would be calm and collected come the day of proposing. I was nervous. I was overly trying to be cool and composed. I was re-scripting my words in my head the whole time.”

“Looking back now, it all makes sense. Nothing about that proposal was meant to be taken lightly. Nothing about our bond is trivial. Exactly a year later, it feels good to have come full circle. A feat I am extremely proud of.”

“So happy dating Anniversary Mrs. Langa (@dineomoeketsi) I love and celebrate you always ❤,” he added.

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