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List of Somizi’s cars – Pictures

South African media personality, Somizi Mhlongo’s car collection is what anyone would die to have, he has an undisputable taste for luxurious cars. Mhlongo is a choreographer, TV presenter, and actor who gained popularity from the famous 1992 Sarafina film.

His extravagant lifestyle is something that even most celebrities cannot afford to live. Mhlongo’s lavish ifestyle is evident from his car collections which has varieties of brands such as Range Rover Sports, Rolls Royce, BMW i8, Mercedes Benz G350d, Jaguar, German Mercedes- AMG63, Lamborgini Urus, and a Jeep.

Range Rover Sport


Somizi Mhlongo’s car collection includes a black Range Rover Sports that is clearly seen in most of his photos on social media.

Rolls Royce


The media personality has been seen posing with different Rolls Royce. The older one being a Rolls Royce Phantom and the newer one a Rolls Royce Wraith.

BMW i8


In Somizi Mhlongos car collection, not only has he been flaunting one BMW but several of them. He has a white, red and one of the latest is a BMW i8 which is a very expensive machine.



Mhlongo owns a German Mercedes- AMG63 and a Mercedes Benz G350d. He also came out on Instagram on February 2021 to celebrate his partnership with Mercedes Benz.



If you go through Mhlongo’s social media, you will notice his unique Jeep that is doorless. Somizi Mhongo’s cars are enough evidence to show that the choreographer has a unique taste for his machines.

Lamborgini Urus


As if it is not enough, Somizi amazed netizens when he added a black Larmborgini Urus to his collection of cars in 2020. The car is estimated to cost between R3 million to R5 million, quite an expensive ride.

Somizi Mhlongo’s Networth

Somizi Mhlongo’s cars will get you to wonder how rich the South African celebrity is. According to sources, Mhlongo has a networth of $5 million. The celebrity has accumulated a lot of wealth that allows him to pursue a high end life.

Somizi’s House

The luxurious lifestyle is not limited to Somizi Mhlongo’s car collection, his mansion of a home is goals. He owns a home located in Zimbali coastal estate and resort which he purchased at R6 million. The house has elegant features ranging from high glass walls, a large sitting room to a beautiful out door environment with a swimming pool. The mansion appears to be huge. Although we don’t know the number of rooms inside, it must be having quite a number of them.

Somizi’s Fashion

One more outstanding thing about Mhlongo is his flamboyant fashion that displays his love for magnificent looks. The South African star is among the celebrities who will always show up in outstanding outfits despite the mood or situation. His looks have always left netizens with something to discuss because they are always elegant, unique, and extraordinary.

Mhlongo should be listed among fashion icons, he has managed to consistently pull up in unique fashion over the years. The 49-year-old has embraced modernity and represents modern fashion in the most amazing way.


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