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Sri Lanka’s Defense Minister asks Party Leaders to Choose a Course of Action

BBC- In light of the ongoing instability in the nation, Sri Lanka’s defense minister has appealed for peace and asked the populace to help maintain law and order.

General Shavendra Silva announced in a video message that he has urged the Speaker of the House to convene a meeting of party leaders to “decide the path forward until a new president is sworn in and notify us and the public by this evening.”

He added that both the police and the military would uphold the constitution.

However, the environment in the nation is unstable. The crowd assaulting the PM’s office, the most recent significant public building to be held by demonstrators, was earlier fired at by armed police using tear gas.

Many individuals enquire as to whether the security forces would remain neutral if things truly spiraled out of control. Sri Lanka is currently exploring unexplored waters.

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