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State House explains why President Lungu signed the ZESCO financing guarantee

Special Assistant to President Lungu for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda said in a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka that at no time did state house know of the contents of the Con-court decision regarding the matter.

State House has clarified that it did not know the content of the decision of the Constitutional Court (con-court), regarding the stay of ministers in office as alleged by News Diggers Newspaper.


Mr. Chanda explained that what State House was aware of was that there will be a decision by the con-court for or against the ministers’ stay in office

“It, therefore, does not follow that we knew of the content of the decision. We knew of the decision date and the possible outcome of either affirmation or nullification. Notices of judgement are always issued ahead of delivery” said Mr. Chanda.

State House Press Aide stated that News Diggers misconstrued his position when he provided a detailed response to malicious allegations of impropriety in the signing of a Sovereign Guarantee that was aimed at raising finance for power imports by ZESCO.

Mr. Chanda explained that he told News Diggers that the Minister of Finance could not sign the sovereign guarantee on August 8, because there was a con-court decision on August 9, 2016, on the continued stay of ministers in office.

He said President Lungu took extra caution not to allow the minister to sign because of the impending decision of the Con-court on the ministers’ since they remained in office on a court order.

Mr. Chanda said that the only reason President Lungu signed the sovereign guarantee instead of the Minister of Finance was that the Head of State was the only elected official who could lawfully discharge the functions of Cabinet which had been nullified .

He maintained that News Diggers misconstrued his position when the paper re-published a segment of the same interview angling it on a different subject.

Mr. Chanda said the newspaper’s view cannot be used as the premise upon which any fair comment or reaction can be based by any party.

Source: Lusaka Times

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