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State House: Police Demonstrate Tolerance and Professionalism

In Tuesdays altercation with certain PF members when former first lady ESTHER LUNGU appeared before the Drug Enforcement Commission-DEC, State House praised the Police for their professionalism.

Speaking to the media at the State House, Presidential Spokesperson ANTHONY BWALYA said that the police’s tolerance demonstrates the UPND’s commitment to safeguarding citizens’ rights.

And Mr. BWALYA claims that the government is making significant efforts to fix the damaged economy it inherited.

The UPND Administration, he claimed, cannot immediately change everything, but its efforts are clear to all.

Mr. BWALYA was responding to claims made by TELESPHORE MPUNDU, a former Catholic archbishop of Lusaka, that the UPND had not made much changes to the situation.

In less than a year since taking office, the UPND Administration has been able to reduce inflation from double digits to single digits, Mr. BWALYA continued.

And Mr. BWALYA added that President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has nothing but admiration for all former Presidents.

He asserted that the Head of State is not attempting to harm former President EDGAR LUNGU and his family in any way.

According to Mr. BWALYA, President HICHILEMA has decided to give law enforcement authorities a space free from interference.

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