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Top musician caught stealing beer – His leg broken while running away from police

Thabang Tabane, son of late jazz artist Phillip Tabane, was bust, apparently trying to steal booze from a Mamelodi pub. Percussionist Thabang has been arrested by cops after he allegedly broke into a pub to steal booze.

Thabang, the son of the late jazz legend, Phillip Tabane was bust early yesterday morning.

Former DJ and producer Mr Cee Mmakola, the owner of Blackwhole Lounge in Mamelodi West, Tshwane said he was shocked when he got a call from his neighbours that somebody was breaking into the bar.

“I sent a resident DJ to go check the situation. When he arrived he told me Thabang and his friend were trying to break into the lounge,” he said.

“I was speaking to him and we were trying to organize an event for him after the lockdown. I’ve heard stories of his alcohol abuse but I never thought it would make him steal from me.

“His accomplice broke his leg while trying to flee from the cop,”Mr. Cee said.

He said the lockdown has caused unrest in the community. Every time I’m at the lounge to check if things are in order people rush to see if they can’t score some alcohol. I think things will get worse in the coming week.

Thabang Tabane arrested

He said his business has been robbed four times since they opened a few years ago.

Captain Johannes Maheso said two suspects, aged between 41 and 47, were arrested early yesterday morning by Mamelodi Police. Suspects broke in and entered the tavern and were caught in the act.

A neighbour who heard the burglary phoned the owner and alerted neighbours. While surrounding the scene, they saw the suspect inside and they recognized him and called him by his name. The suspect came out and while outside, one of the community members saw the second suspect lying at the back with a broken leg.

“The son of the late jazz artist Phillip Tabane, Thabang was arrested after trying to steal alcohol at a pub in Garankuwa.

“The two suspects were handed over to the police and detained. The one with a broken leg was taken to hospital and is under police guard. There was no shooting during arrest. The suspects will appear in the Mamelodi Magistrates Court soon,” said Maheso.

Mr. Cee said he was shocked that Thabang could be one of the people who broke into the lounge.

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