Stephen Kampyongo rules himself out of the race for PF’s Presidency

Opposition Patriotic Front PF Member of the Central Committee Hon Stephen Kampyongo Hon Stephen Kampyongo has maintained that he harbors no intentions to be PF party President when President Lungu steps down.

Hon Kampyongo who is also Shiwan’gandu Constituency Member of Parliament said he was with his position as Elected Member of Parliament and PF member of the central committee.

Speaking when he addressed scores of Mutitima Residents in Nkulungwe Village in Shiwan’gandu yesterday, Hon Kampyongo thanked the people of the earlier for resoundingly voting for him to represent them in parliament.

“I am grateful to you for the faith you have continued to show in me to represent you in Parliament and I will never take this privilege for granted, I shall work for yoh as I have always done from the first time you elected me in 2011” Hon Kampyongo said.

He said he will play his part as a PF MP and MCC in ensuring that the party chooses a sound-minded and credible leader to take over as President of PF from Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Meanwhile, Opposition Patriotic Front Mporokoso Lawmaker Hon. Brian Mundubile has revealed that the Party has concluded the postmortem it had embarked on to establish the reason for its humiliating August 12 defeat, stating that one of the findings was that the party lost its shine due to gross indiscipline and misconduct from the party cadres.

And Mundubile has said that the PF has learned lessons and is fully ready to make amends top of which is to instill discipline in the rank and file of the membership.

He said the rebranding was not as easy as 1,2,3 but a long process that required getting feedback from party members and the Zambian people at large.

“You can’t rebrand without knowing what went wrong in the party. Most thought rebranding is about removing this or that person. Now it’s a much more complex process than that. As a central Committee, we commissioned a committee that went countrywide to make inquiries from people especially those outside the party. So the report is out and was presented to the Central Committee. And using the recommendations in that report, we have started the process of rebranding,” he said.

He stated that discipline was top on the agenda of the rebranding because cadrism and hooliganism had taken centre stage in the past causing the party to lose attractiveness.

He said even people who loved the party were totally irritated and fed up with the misconduct of cadres who they said had come to instill fear in people be it in markets, bus stations, and the Civil Service.

“So number one step is discipline. We are going to instill discipline across all party structures, ” he said.

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