Stephen Katuka – Thieves ruled us for 10 years

UPND national chairperson Stephen Katuka says if the party will only rule for five years, it will be members to blame.

Addressing party officials in Kaputa district of Northern Province on Saturday, Katuka said if only members united and worked together, UPND could rule for 50 years.

“We want to institutionalise the party and once that is done, we will have the party headquarters. We have the land already to build that and this will see each province have a permanent office of the party. We want this party to rule even for 50 years,” he said.

“We don’t want to just rule for five years and you can’t allow that to happen. If thieves ruled us for 10 years, then us five years, that can’t happen. We want 50 years but if we are to rule for 50 years, we need to have discipline and unity in the party. If we start the infighting the party won’t be strong and grow. We need to love each other and work together.”

Katuka said if the UPND failed to rule for 50 years. then it would be the members to blame.
He asked them to welcome others the same way they welcomed former Kasama Central PF member of parliament Kelvin Sampa last week.

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