Student Slumps And Dies While Acting Jesus Crucifixion Drama

Easter is a wonderful event for Christians because it signifies the fulfillment of Old Testament predictions and the revealing of God’s salvific plan for all of humanity. Easter marks the triumph of life over death and the prospect of salvation by commemorating Jesus’ Resurrection.

During a scriptural portrayal of how Jesus Christ was crucified, however, a student at the Clariantian University of Nigeria, CUN, in Nekede, Owerri West Local Government Area, Imo State, whose name was given as Suel Ambrose, slumped and died.

The incident reportedly occurred on Friday (Good Friday), threw the campus community into disarray.

According to a source at the institution who requested to be identified only as Micheal Eluwa, the deceased fell down and began bleeding after a short period of time while performing in the Passion of Christ production.

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