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Students at Mwandi School Drink Dangerous Water

Since the school’s opening in 2013, students and staff at Ilute Yeta Secondary School in Mwandi district have been using water that has been deemed unsafe for human consumption.

The water at the school was tested twice by the University of Zambia, and the results showed that it was salty and unfit for human consumption, according to acting school head teacher SAASA AKENDE-NASILIMWE.

Some students, according to Ms. NASILIMWE, have been afflicted with various ailments like high blood pressure.

She claims that in addition to destroying structures, the salty water also corroded water pipes.

Because the crops are drying up, Ms. NASILIMWE claims that the school is unable to have a production unit.

ALISINDA NAWA, the secretary of the Mwandi Council, claims that the council has received K1.2 million for a project to reticulate the school’s water supply.

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