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Study reveals Coronavirus can make pen!ses not to work properly

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Research has found out that coronavirus is the reason why 4-5s are no longer functioning in the bedrooms.

As we mark a year since the pandemic hit the world, people are beginning to experience the long-term effects of coronavirus.

This is according to a research paper by scientists from Italy titled: “Addressing male s.e.xual and reproductive health in the wake of Covid-19 outbreak.”

Dr Ryan Berglund, who is a urologist, pointed out three factors that can lead to the potential occurrence of erect!le dysfunction in men who have had the virus:

Vascular effects – Covid-19 is associated with heart diseases which can cause blood circulation to the pen!s to be blocked.

Psychological impact – stress and mental health due to the pandemic can cause men not to perform properly in the bedroom.

Overall health deterioration – men with weak immune systems caused by the virus are at great risk of developing erect!le dysfunction.

Dr Berglund said it was too early to tell if the damage caused by the virus to men diagnosed with erect!le dysfunction is permanent, temporary or if it can affect fertility.

“So particularly for young and healthy people who abruptly develop erect!le dysfunction, and especially after having Covid-19, this can be a sign of something more serious going on,” he said.

He said age was also an important factor to consider as it plays a huge role in the development of erect!le dysfunctionality and coronavirus.

“This study is another important example of not knowing enough about the long-term effects of the virus. Time and more research are needed until we have a better understanding,” he said.

-daily sun

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