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Submissions under the Public Order Act Increase

In relation to the review of the Public Order Act, some 30 civil society organizations have submitted their ideas.

According to GIDEON MUSONDA, project coordinator for the Gears Initiative, the Public Order Act should only be used when a gathering has 100 or more attendees.

The time at which one can notify the police to have a gathering needs to be revised, Mr. MUSONDA said in an interview just before submitting suggestions to the Zambia Law Development Commission.

He suggested lowering the amount of time police must respond from 48 to 24 hours.

According to Mr. MUSONDA, the CSOs are also recommending that the public order act’s offenses and punishments be transferred to the penal code.

HOPE CHANDA, the director of the Zambia Law Development Commission, has asked all parties to submit their submissions by the deadline.

Ms. CHANDA is optimistic that more applications will be submitted since the deadline is August 15.

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