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Friday, September 17, 2021

Sunday Chanda speaks on exposing opposition parties and their foreign paymasters

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We are aware that the Opposition and its foreign paymasters have heightened their campaign of injuring Zambia’s reputation in order to instil fear and doubt in the minds of unsuspecting members of the public.

Those funding the Opposition believe this strategy could trigger a regime change to allow for their puppets to usurp power. They have auctioned Zambia in exchange for promissory notes touching on the country’s mineral wealth and other natural resources.

The Opposition and its funders seem to forget that citizens have repeatedly and emphatically stated that Zambia is not for sale, not even to the highest bidder.

Therefore, Citizens will not fall for the lies and falsehoods being championed by the Opposition and their international sponsors bent on vilifying His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and discrediting the Republic of Zambia.

We are not shocked that what President Lungu said jokingly about Zambia having too many presidents has been twisted to imply something else.

While acknowledging the hard times faced by the majority of our people and small businesses amidst corona virus, citizens are fully aware that President Lungu has continued to deliver in all the ten (10) Provinces of Zambia without exception.

This he has been able to do amidst very difficult circumstances such as the climate change induced droughts and more recently COVID-19 which has negatively impacted on economies of the world and Zambia is no exception.

Patriotic Front under President Lungu has continued to unite the nation premised on the understanding that Zambia is a land with promise, purpose and destiny. Contrary to the lies planted by the Opposition in sections of international and domestic media, PF remains committed to creating a better life for all Zambians without exception. The challenges we face today are but a passing phase!

In order to take Zambia to its promised land, and achieving economic diversification, President Lungu’s Government has focused on building:

(a) A diversified and export -oriented agriculture sector;
(b) A diversified and export oriented mining sector;
(c) A diversified tourism sector;
(d) Improved energy production and distribution for the sustainable development;
(e) Improved access to domestic, regional and international markets;
(f) Improved transport systems and infrastructure;
(g) Improved water resources development and management;
(h) Enhanced information and communication technology;
(i) Enhanced decent job opportunities in the economy; and
(j) Enhanced research and development.

Contrary to the Opposition manufactured and sponsored propaganda, PF is committed to ensuring that its vision for economic diversification is attained through value addition and industrialization anchored on agriculture, mining and tourism. PF believes these sectors have high growth potential, comparative and competitive advantages as well as potential for poverty reduction among our people.

As Zambians register to vote, we can state with certainty that PF knows where Zambia is coming from, where it is and where it must be. Our focus beyond 2021 is to work hard while critics do what they know best. President Lungu has always been committed to listen to criticism especially when it comes with alternatives. What PF does not have luxury for however, is the unproductive politicking aimed at suffocating the much-desired development for our people. We are committed now as always that at the end of this term of office in August 2021, we shall present to the Zambian people the results of our hardwork as promised in our election manifesto 2016-2021.

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