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Syndicate Uncovered by Police

A sophisticated criminal organization has been found to be trading millions of dollars’ worth of copper concentrates for sand in order to sell them on the international market.

An attempt by the thieves to steal a truck owned by WHM transporters and loaded with 34 tonnes of copper concentrates was thwarted by quick action by a C5 crack Police unit in Lusaka.

The company’s GPS tracking system revealed that the truck was parked in a remote truck yard in Lusaka’s Kabangwe neighborhood, according to WHM Transporters Spokesperson ANDREW CHILESHE.

According to Mr. Chileshe, he called the police right away. When they stormed the yard, they saw individuals unloading copper concentrates and packing them into smaller 50 kilogram sacks.

He claims that the police also discovered the suspects replace the copper concentrates in the two-ton bags with sand before loading the bags back onto the WHM truck.

The yard owner and the WHM truck driver who were discovered supervising the reloading of the concentrate have since been detained by police and are assisting with the inquiry.

In Ndola, a second suspect with ties to the crime is on the run.

Armed police protecting the copper were discovered during a ZNBC News inspection of the location, which is just a short distance from the Kabangwe police checkpoint.

Police are looking into the case, according to police spokesperson RAE HAMOONGA.

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