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Tambatamba: Increase output

BRENDA TAMBATAMBA, minister of labor and social security, has urged the public sector to increase the nation’s productivity levels.

Ms. TAMBATAMBA lamented the state of the public sector at the moment, which she described as having low labor productivity.

She claims that between 2019 and 2020, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security did a Productivity Research that showed the rise in labor productivity for the public sector was at a negative 43.68 percent.

Ms. TAMBATAMBA was speaking today at Mulungushi International Conference’s first-ever productivity conference for senior managers.

Acting Cabinet Secretary Patrick Kangwa gave the public sector reassurance that Cabinet Office will provide all necessary assistance to remove productivity-related obstacles.

Productivity is a major worry for businesses, according to Harringon Chibana, Executive Director of the Federation of Employers, who also spoke at the same occasion.

Additionally, the ILO Country Director, GEORGE OKUTHO, emphasized the significance of productivity in the production of wealth and employment.

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