Home Entertainment Tasila and Patrick share honeymoon photos

Tasila and Patrick share honeymoon photos

Tasila Lungu gets married, Bally congratulates the union
ON HONEYMOON: Tasila Lungu and husband Patrick Mwansa on honeymoon

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Master KG is the hottest artist in South Africa in 2020. He also boasts as having the most streamed and watched video for his hit song Jerusalema. We take a look at the money that has come with his fame.

How much money has Master KG made with Jerusalema video on Youtube?

The average Revenue Per Thousand Impressions (RPM) for Jerualema is estimated at USD 1.5 at lowest taking into consideration factors such as geographical location. With 162 million views, Master KG has made an estimated USD 243,000 (R4,1 mi…. LEARN MORE