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Tazara railway stations to be revived-Bwalya N’gandu

Tazara railway stations to be revived-Bwalya N’gandu

Finance Minister Bwalya N’gandu says he will engage Management at Tanzania Zambia Railways -Tazara to revive all railway stations which it has abandoned.

Dr. Ng’andu who recently inspected the Kasongo Tazara Railway Station in Kanchibiya district in Muchinga province with Muchinga Province Minister Malozo Sichone was disappointed to find that the facility has been abandoned.

He says government spent substantial amounts of money to put up railway station, stating that abandoning such infrastructure is not the way to go.

Dr. Ng’andu says one of the objectives of TAZARA is to open areas where it traverses to allow farmers transport their Agriculture produce using railway transport.

He says using railway transport to move agriculture produces and other goods can easy pressure on the roads.Tazara railway stations to be revived-Bwalya N’gandu

Dr. N’gandu noted that Muchinga and Northern province produces a lot of agriculture produce which can utilise railway in transporting them to other markets outside the province.

And Mr. Sichone informed Dr. N’gandu that several railway stations from Kapiri to Nakonde are dilapidated.

Mr. Sichone says this has denied people, especially farmers in the province to utilise railway transport in transporting their agriculture produce via rail.

He noted that the state of Kasongo Railway station is a clear negligence on the part of TAZARA management as it has failed to improve its infrastructure for many years.