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Teacher and a student injured after protesters throw missiles in a school compound in Lusaka


Teacher and a student injured after protesters throw missiles in a school compound in Lusaka

Some irate residents in Lusaka’s Ng’ombe compound yesterday ran amok and threw all kinds of missiles that has left a teacher and a learner injured at Ng’ombe Primary School.

And relative calm has returned in the compound as alert officers from the Zambia Police Service kept vigil as the stone-throwers were kept at bay in order to protect both people and property.

The irate residents were protesting the relocation of officers conducting the ongoing mobile national registration card from following their expiry of the scheduled timetable.

Meanwhile, Lusaka District Commissioner David Silubanje has strongly condemned the unbecoming behaviour of some Ng’ombe residents for their insatiable appetite of destroying property whenever they are aggrieved.

Mr. Silubanje observed with sadness the strange behaviour of some Ng’ombe residents who have become accustomed to rioting whenever they are aggrieved.

‘’ I want to sternly warn these violent residents of Ng’ombe compound that the long arm of the law will surely catch up with them,’’ he warned.

‘’ It is regrettable that this particular compound has developed a strange behaviour of destroying both private and public properties whenever they are aggrieved.

‘’ First, it was the touching of the Police Post, destroyed a newly constructed road because they were aggrieved and yesterday they have partially damaged the school after they learnt that our officers’ schedule of issuance of NRCs had ended yesterday.’’

Mr. Silubanje said this when he toured Ng’ombe Primary School to check on the extent of the damage and later visited centers in Kamanga, Garden and Chainda areas.

He said that the preliminary report from officers indicated that about nine classrooms were partially damaged though he described the damage as minimal which will not affect the school calendar.

‘’ I have since directed the District Education Board Secretary to get on the ground and quickly do an assessment so that a bill of quantity can be prepared,’’ he said.

‘’You are aware that non-examination classes have just resumed due to COVID-19 pandemic and as a government, we would not want to inconvenience the pupils due to leaking roofs because of the broken asbestos.

‘’ But to say the least, this behaviour is retrogressive and l want to commend police officers for their swiftness when they received the report of the disturbances.

‘’What is really shocking is that we have several static offices for NRCs across the district that are equally operating alongside the mobile exercise and people would resort to violence because of the relocation.’’

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