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Teacher complains after students send n#de pics


Dear MizzB

I’m a 24-year-old teacher and I have a challenge. I gave my pupils my number so they could call me when they needed help with schoolwork.

One of the girls in my class keeps sending me n#de pictures and s.e.xualised messages.

She sits in the front of the class with legs wide open, wearing a mini skirt. I fear that if I reveal this I may be the one in trouble because of the stereotypes around teachers.

Please advise me on this.

University Students


Dear Teacher

Well done for respecting the code of ethics between a pupil and teacher. Allowing yourself to cross that line will end your career and ruin your reputation.

It’s important that you address this matter by following school policies and talking to her guardians. Dealing with this head on will avoid unnecessary embarrassment and disrespect.

Teachers have rights and a council that protects them.

Source: Daily Sun