Tesla fanatics now have an app to link up

Find Tinder lacking in electricity? Does Bumble and its rules for courtship engagement need more autopilot? Wish eHarmony was better at plugging into your emotional needs? Are you hoping to open up your relationship with your Tesla to include a third party? Worry not, lost would-be polyamorous electric vehicle lover, because we think there might finally be a digital matchmaker for you: Tesla Dating.

This new dating app under development—website here—promises to connect like-minded Tesla fans for the purposes of courtship. That is, if someone so far up Tesla’s, um, charging port can peel away from bragging to their friends about how their car “drives itself” to find a partner equally engrossed in their electric car.

Ownership of a Tesla appears to be a prerequisite of making it onto the Tesla Dating app’s roster of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, which, duh—who else would want to be matched with someone who won’t stop talking about their Tesla? Oh, wait, let us again reference the Tesla Dating website, which notes it is for “Elon stans.” We’re sure the icebreaker about how Tesla’s model lineup spells out “S3XY”—you know, what with the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and new Model Y—will be popular.s can write pithy, flirty things intended to ensnare other Tesla people.

As for how the app functions, well, based on the provided screen grabs of the app in action, we figure it works a lot like Tinder. Instead of swiping, users hit either a big red “X” or a green circle that resembles an on-screen smartphone “on” button. Beneath a photo set is a Tesla-style rendering of each user’s car—it looks like those Tesla uses on its in-car, on-screen animations and its website—and a description noting the model. In smaller font beneath all this critical Tesla info is a short bio area where user s can write pithy, flirty things intended to ensnare other Tesla people.

Tesla fanatics now have an app to link up

Features mimicking those of Tesla’s own app for owners are mercifully absent. For example, you cannot set your match’s climate-control settings for them, open their camera to see their surroundings while they’re parked (creepy), or remotely open your matches’ cars’ windows or sunroofs from afar. Wanna turn up the heat, take a peek, and…you know? Gotta do that the old-fashioned way, folks. Throw down some silver-tongued Tesla talk on your Tesla Dating match and let chemistry—not of the battery kind—take over.

Source: Motor trend

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