The AGN organisation has denied claims of favoritism with Regina Daniels baby

The Actors Guild of Nigeria have defended their decision to pay a visit to new mom Regina Daniels, her husband Ned Nwoko and their newborn baby boy, amid public outcry…

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and accusations of favoritism, the organisation were called out on social media for arriving in a procession at the Nwoko household this week.

The AGN further angered Nigerians when they took it upon themselves to bestow the title of ‘Nollywood Baby of The Year’ to Regina’s week old infant son.

After being blasted by tweeps and also by Naija actress Kemi Lala Akindoju who called the entire event “shameful”, the AGN has now responded with a heated statement of their own.

Actress Monalisa Chinda, who serves as the committee’s Director of Communications shared a statement on her Instagram page claiming the social media comments were “repugnant and uninformed” and defended the organisation’s decision to pay a ‘courtesy visit’ to the new mom, based on their stance that they “celebrate triumphs and more” with all members.

Monalisa also claimed that they provide wellness checks and welfare packages to members in need as well as offer moral and financial support.

In Regina’s case, the AGN claimed that they followed strict health and safety protocols in light of the pandemic. Defending the decision to visit the wealthy family bearing gifts, the AGN claimed the event was significant based on the role both Regina’s mother and husband Ned Nwoko plays in the organisation

No mention was made of the baby’s title, which is a first of it’s kind.

Read the statement below:

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