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The bulk water supply project should benefit Kafue, according to HH

Kafue inhabitants would benefit from the Kafue Bulk Water Supply Project, according to President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s directive to Water Development Minister MIKE MPOSHA.

During a tour of the water intake project, Kafue Member of Parliament MIRRIAM CHONYA voiced some concerns, prompting President HICHILEMA to make this statement.

Despite the Kafue River and the $150 million water project being in the district, Ms. Chonya bemoaned the fact that locals do not profit from them.

Since then, the Ministry of Water Development has been instructed by President HICHILEMA to identify ways to increase the water supply to Kafue inhabitants.

Additionally, Mr. MPOSHA stated that the second phase of the plant’s expansion will involve the districts of Chilanga and Kafue.

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