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The Curse Of Zambian Fires…


When you take a look back its staggering the number of fires our beautiful nation has faced its rather worrisome. The skeptics were quick to believe there was a real story behind the fires, some went on to echo sentiments that the fires were politically motivated.

Traditional spiritualists speculate that these fires are a bad omen for the country. Different conspiracy theories circulated the social media regarding the Zambian fires. Whatever the case is we hope these fires have finally stopped. Here is a breakdown of all the fires that spread through our beloved country.

Kalabo village August 2018

Fire swept through the whole of Namanda village in Chief Imbwae’s chiefdom, in Libonda ward, gutting 13 houses to ashes. Kalabo District Commissioner Fridah Luhila confirmed the incident during a Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) emergency meeting. Read more

Chirundu Boarder Trucks

A Video emerged of a fire at Chirundu boarder post as several trucks caught fire allegedly from politically motivated individuals. watch video

Lupososhi Secondary School – 15th August 2018

Fire swept through Lupososhi Secondary School Storeroom, in Luwingu, Northern province destroying 117 mattresses, worth 70,000 Kwacha. The incident happened on Wednesday 15th August around 10 hours. Read more

Solwezi market fire

Not much detail was revealed in this one, media did not do justice to the story, but pictures trended on social media on the fire. Read more

Klub Vegas 17 July 2018

It was such a sad sight as people looked at one of the best hang out places in Lusaka Burn. More than 3 Fire brigade trucks came and still struggled to put out the fire. The fire spread from one end of the 3 story building to the other and the fire trucks tried but failed to put out the fire as it reached the Club entrance end last…Read more

COMESA Market 12 July 2018

COMESA market was on fire, it was very disturbing as a lot of property has been destroyed, a lot of Zambian’s livelihood comes from this marketplace and it was so sad as many have lost their stock…read more

Buteko Market July 2018

FIRE slept through Buteko market in Mufulira destroying property worth millions of kwacha. One of the concerned citizens had this to say:

“There is a danger these fires will be a common feature during the cold season due to careless use of braziers and the like, nothing political. Lack of sensitization and proper use of what a market is intended for is largely to blame…Read more


Are they accidents? Are they coincidences? Are they planned? No one really knows we will let you draw your own conclusions.