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The government cancels 197 feeder road projects.

197 Feeder Road contracts have been terminated by the government nationwide.

Councils have since been instructed by MAAMBO HAAMAUNDU, Permanent Secretary – Administration for the Ministry of Local Government, to make sure that all impacted contractors halt operating.

According to Mr. HAAMAUNDU, the decision was made as a result of excessive road project procurement.

He claims that because both the contractor and the government must have a mutually beneficial relationship, the action is intended to safeguard both sides.

According to Mr. HAAMAUNDU, some contractors completed their projects but were not paid, while others didn’t even arrive on the job site yet received advance payments.

Mr. HAAMAUNDU said during his appearance on ZNBC’s 13 hours of television news that the government now intends to manage the industry more effectively than it did in the past.

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