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The Government Releases K11.9 billion.

In August 2022, the Ministry of Finance released 11.9 billion Kwacha to fund the provision of public services.

3 billion Kwacha of this sum was used to pay the salaries of various public servants, including those in the health, education, and service sectors.

FELIX NKULUKUSA, the secretary of the Treasury, acknowledged it in a statement to ZNBC News this evening.

According to Mr. NKULUKUSA, 200.7 million Kwacha went to the Constituency Development Fund’s Youth and Women Empowerment component, 227.4 million Kwacha to the Food Security Pack, and 537.6 million Kwacha to the payment of redundancy payouts for former Indeni employees.

He stated that 133.4 million Kwacha would be used to operate Grant Aided Institutions in Government Ministries, 111.6 million Kwacha would go to the Local Government Equalization Fund, 97.6 million Kwacha would be used to operate universities, and 67.5 million Kwacha would be used to operate hospitals across various regions.

According to Mr. NKULUKUSA, 399.6 million Kwacha was released for the payment of fuel arrears, while 449.2 million Kwacha was used to pay suppliers of goods and services.

Mr. Nkulukusa said that the Treasury has distributed a 100 million Kwacha subsidy for the Farmer Input Support Program’s payment of arrears (FISP).

He said that 300 million Kwacha had been given to the Public Service Pension Fund and 500 million Kwacha had been allocated for the Social Cash Transfer Programme.

Additionally, 150 million Kwacha for annuities were released to the Local Authorities Superannuation Fund, according to Mr. NKULUKUSA.

According to Mr. NKULUKUSA, the Treasury allocated 175 million Kwacha to the Zambia Statistical Agency for the ongoing 2022 Census of Housing and Population to make sure that everyone is counted.

Mr. NKULUKUSA added that 1.7 billion Kwacha was granted to all other government ministries, provinces, and spending agencies to help with service delivery, of which 114.7 million Kwacha was used to buy critical medications and medical supplies for public health institutions.

According to him, 30 million Kwacha went toward paying Tazara employees’ salary, while 54.6 million Kwacha went toward the Skills Development Fund.

According to the Treasury Secretary, 758.5 million Kwacha were also granted for capital projects.

Of this sum, 215.6 million Kwacha went toward water and sanitation projects, 354.6 million Kwacha went toward road infrastructure, and 188.3 million Kwacha went toward other projects.

Mr. NKULUKUSA stated that a sum of 2.8 billion Kwacha was released in the month under review in accordance with the Government’s commitment to reduce indebtedness through payment of both domestic and external multilateral debt.

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