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The Last Kingdom Season 4 is around the corner


As we continue to suffer through the long wait between seasons, the stars of Netflix’s The Last Kingdom are here to keep us company. From revealing new looks to quietly teasing when we expect to see them back in actor, they’re all over the place. Let’s check in with a few as we inch toward season 4.

First up, Eliza Butterworth (Aelswith) comes at us straight from the set, poking a little fun at her character and teasing that season 4 may becoming “very soooooon” with the world’s longest hashtag:

Eliza Butterworth

I wonder if #idontknowtheexactdateoftheseason4releasebutitiscomingverysoooooon will start trending on Instagram? Probably not, but it gives us hope.

Next up, Adrian Bouchet (Steapa) pokes fun at his tradition of posting an image of himself every Saturday.

This is some meta-tweeting right here.


Leaving the jokes behind, Bouchet is once again looking rather fearsome, pictured here in the Winchester throne room:

Offset, Magnus Bruun (Cnut) and Tobias Santelmann (Ragnar) reunited for a soccer game in Copenhagen. Cnut might have led Ragnar to his death just to steal Brida (Emily Cox) away, but clearly there are no hard feelings:

Speaking of Cox, she recently posted a new headshot reel. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean she’s looking for work because of something that happened to Brida!

Elsewhere, Mark Rowley (Finan) shows his support for TLK fans by sporting a Team Uhted hoodie:

Meanwhile, fellow Team Uhtred member Arnas Fedaravicius (Sihtric) boasts about his acrobatic skills.

And finally, James Northcote (Aldhelm), who recently sat down with us for a chat, strikes a pose on the Brooklyn Bridge:

Hopefully, season 4 is indeed on the horizon. If not, at least we have that hashtag to keep us company. Destiny is all!

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DJ Zinhle or Bonang Matheba

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