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The new oral B toothbrush is going for $623.92

The new oral B toothbrush is going for $623.92

The Oral-B iO takes toothbrush tech to crazy new heights. Ahead of its August release, we took the promising newcomer to the electric toothbrush landscape, the Oral-B iO, for a spin. Bizarrely, it ended up scoring us.

The “evolution of the toothbrush” chart goes something like this: finger, throwaway manual brush, the folding plastic kind and then finally the electric. OK, it’s not quite as epic a journey as ape to man, but there’s no denying the sheer amount of innovation found in the Oral-B iO. An electric toothbrush that almost feels geared to the cyborgs who’ll one day replace us, it features 250 new patents to help upgrade your brushing, some of which have been six years in the making.

At this point in the oral hygiene game, the big question is just how different it can be? It was only last year that Oral-B’s AI-powered Genius X model had us striving for the pearly whites of the Jetsons. Apparently, the secret to the iO’s success lies in a newfangled brushing technique, one that combines oscillation rotation with micro-vibrations in the brush head itself, alongside a redesigned round brush head that contours every individual tooth, while targeting gumline plaque in a way the brand’s previous models have hitherto not come close.

Now, we know what you’re thinking… “But what about a new linear magnetic drive? One that directs focussed power to the bristles rather than the toothbrush handle?” Well, wouldn’t you believe it, that’s here too in order to give you all the control of a slimmer, manual brush.The new oral B toothbrush is going for $623.92

When it comes down to it, the iO certainly feels like a sturdier and more thorough model than any that’s come before it. The body is entirely more premium than the tired, toothpaste-stained model it’s here to replace and the bristles of the brush feel longer and harder working, hitting spots between the teeth that have previously felt neglected.

If the feeling alone wasn’t enough to go by, Oral-B has spent time fine-tuning the data-driven app that its top-tier toothbrushes can pair with, which charts the toothbrushes journey around your mouth and provides a brush score out of 100. Supplying the same futuristic AI brushing recognition as its predecessor, the results of every clean are now presented in dental-grade 3-D graphics. It’s a nifty little trick with just a hint of novelty.

The same whiff of well-intentioned over-engineering extends to the digital display of the brush itself, which boasts everything from welcome messages in your choice of half a dozen languages to positive reinforcement via smiley icons while you brush. Does it fulfill that longstanding pipe dream toothbrush manufacturers have to “make brushing fun”? The jury’s out on that one, but it’s a smart-looking touch to elevate a toothbrush that already looked as sleek as a toothbrush could look, even before you switch it on.

Available in white, rose quartz, purple and our color of choice, black, it comes with all the aesthetically on-point add-ons we’ve come to expect of a posh electric toothbrush, from the sleek magnetic charger to the USB-C compatible travel case.

The new oral B toothbrush is going for $623.92

But for an RRP of £500, really, you’d expect nothing less. Some several hundred pounds more than the every man has likely ever considered spending on a toothbrush before, from the brushing tech to the slick aesthetics, this kind of price point leaves little room to skimp on any element of its spec, even if you can expect it to take a tumble by the time Black Friday comes around.

Like the Genius X before it, you don’t need the Oral-B iO to have a stunning set of gnashes, but only in the same sense that you don’t need a Jaguar F-Type to get you from A to B. If you’re looking for an investment that’ll put a smile on your face, there’s no better option.

Source: gq-magazine

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