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The President will be commissioning an incomplete Flyover Bridge

As President Edgar Lungu will be Commissioning the flyover bridge on Kafue road today, Patriots for Economic Progress Leader Sean Tembo is shocked that a bridge whose works appear incomplete could attract the head of State to Commission.

The bridge which was constructed with support from the Indian Government under the Lusaka Decongestion project to reduce car congestion is located next to Makeni Mall and Cosmopolitan Shopping Mall in Lusaka.

Mr Tembo is shocked to learn that the Flyover Bridge is complete in its current form and is scheduled for commissioning by President Lungu.

He said it was his party’s expectation that a spaghetti junction is what would be constructed so as to allow the free flow of traffic and eliminate the need for traffic lights.

Mr Tembo said in its current form, the Chawama Flyover Bridge is incapable of facilitating a free flow of traffic and therefore does not serve any purpose other than being a waste of taxpayer’s money. The President will be commissioning an incomplete Flyover Bridge

He said there will be need therefore to install traffic lights under the flyover bridge to control traffic to and from Makeni Mall, Chawama and Kafue Road.

Mr Tembo said the Chawama Flyover Bridge epitomizes the incompetence and lack of foresight of the PF Government in general and President Edgar Lungu in particular.

“One of the primary purposes of a government is to ensure that public financial resources are utilized in a prudent manner so as to create value for the nation. The Chawama Flyover Bridge is a waste of public financial resources as it does not serve any purpose whatsoever, and President Lungu must be ashamed to consider commissioning such a moribund structure”, he said.

Mr Tembo has called on President Lungu to consider postponing the commissioning of the Chawama Flyover Bridge until such a time that it is re-designed and re-constructed in a manner that will serve its primary purpose of easing the flow of traffic.

He said it its current form, the Chawama Flyover Bridge has only further complicated the flow of traffic instead of easing it.

“It is our firm belief that no individual in their right frame of mind should commission such a monstrosity”, he added.

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