The real reason why more women are using s.e.x toys

I grew up with a lot of toys as a child and my parents built me a separate toyroom to keep all my toys in. Admittedly, I never got around to play with all of them because I was always entertained and preoccupied in my childhood.

The same applies to women and s.e.x toys.

While many women would love to play with men on the s.e.x playground, many of them end up having to buy s.e.x toys to have fun.

So, why are more women buying s.e.x toys?

According to a certain local publication, since 2017 women are not only dominating the adult toy industry as owners, but they are also becoming avid users of the products as well.

According to clinical s.e.xologist Dr Marlene Wasserman, back in the days when she started in the field of s.e.xology pre-apartheid, the notion of female [email protected] didn’t exist. It rapidly became quite revolutionary how women have claimed their s.e.xuality and the s.e.x toy sales really affirm that women are proudly buying these products.

Adult World store chain owner Arthur Calamaras further attests to this by adding: “The adult toy and pleasure industry was traditionally a male-controlled industry and mostly about men selling to men. But in the last few years, the market has taken a different direction and women are now driving the market.”

Earlier this year, a survey commissioned by Desir, luxury brand for high-end adult toys, involving more than 700 respondents, revealed that the vibrator was the most sought after and bought toy among South Africans, with 29% of the respondents purchasing them.

The survey further revealed that more women purchased s.e.x toys than their male counterparts.

-daily sun

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