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The reason why Seer 1 was Deported from Zambia


Self Proclaimed Prophet Seer 1 was one of the deceitful persons who were flushed out of Zambia for allegedly having swindled their followers while masquerading as clergymen, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has said.

In an exclusive interview with the Sun yesterday, Mr Kampyongo said Seer 1 threatened him with death in 2017 after signing his deportation papers but he had not died.

Mr Kampyongo has described the South Africa-based Seer 1 as a “Man of Gold” masquerading as a prophet with unfulfilled outlandish prophecies.

The minister said it was bogus prophets like Seer 1 in churches who were dragging the good name of the church in a bad light.

“From 2017 and this is 2020, I am still here. How can he come and count 20 days? Me I am not even bothered by the 20 days ultimatum because of a prankster who is playing on people’s minds,” Mr Kampyongo said.

He said Government deported Seer 1 because it identified him as a potential criminal, conman, an extortionist and a prophet of doom.

“So that little fellow you are talking about, a criminal, we identified what you are seeing now a long time ago. What sort of Christian will tell you that they draw their strength from the darkness?” Mr Kampyongo asked.


He, however, said Government would fetch Seer 1 wherever he was hiding for him to account for agitations he was causing.

Mr Kampyongo said the government would follow the normal procedure in engaging him on his false claims.

“So he will not continue hiding behind that Youtube or Facebook. We shall fetch him to account for his agitations,” Mr Kampyongo said.

He urged the Registrar of Societies to scrutinize all activities of the people who were opening churches claiming to be men of God in Zambia.

In a video recording that had gone viral on social media recently, Seer 1 in a rant issued death threats against unnamed ministers, MPs and mayors whom he claimed had sought spiritual assistance in form of his “supernatural powers” to win elections.

Seer 1 threatened some politicians to return the powers in 20 days from Sunday, January 26 or risk dying. No one has died so far.

He also threatened the targets of his sensational threats with public shaming by publishing names of those he claimed got the ‘do as I say’ powers from him in a week’s time, but which he failed to do apart from reiterating his threats and promising to reveal the recipients last week on Thursday, but again failed to do so citing closure of his page.

Source – Zambian Sun

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