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The true story behind Mayor Miles Sampa’s Black Ring

Miles Sampa and his Black Ring

He called the Mayor as soon as he saw that picture and I asked him point-blank, “Your Worship, what’s the story with that black ring?

By Simon Mwewa Lane

He responded by saying, “Mwewa, that picture was taken during my Mayoral campaign at a photo studio here in Lusaka…one of my campaign team members gave me his watch and ring and suggested that I would look more electable if I wore a watch and ring.

I wore the watch and ring specifically for that shoot. As soon as we were done, I took the watch and ring off and gave them back to my colleague” The Mayor went on to say, “I don’t wear jewellery, it was just for that photoshoot and moreover, I’ve never had any dealings with his stock…I am Catholic”

I was glad the Mayor cleared the air on this “ring issue” because the pictures of government officials wearing rings with black stones, have grown legs and they are everywhere.

Social Media has a way of creating a storm in a tea cup..so apa people are afraid to genuinely wear jewellery with a black stone for fear of being labelled a beneficiary of SEER 1’s demonic fantasies.

SML #CageThosePapas

Watch the videos below as Seer 1 talks about PF and elections 2021

Source – Zambian Observer

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Seer 1’s Maid reveals scary secrets about the so-called man of God and we wonder if it’s just not one of those moments when people want to be on the spotlight. Andrew Ejimadu aka Seer 1 has been on the spotlight and it seems like the scandals will keep coming. Below is an article trending of Seer 1’s maid revealing chilling secrets.

My name is Caroline Nyambe. I have worked for Seer 1 as a maid for the past 3 years, What am about to say may put me in trouble and I might be killed after this CONFESSION but it’s worth it.

Prophet Anointed CFM is a top-class magician The name of the god he serves is called ATOVI. Being a worker at Prophet Anointed’s home, I have experienced this god appearing to him on several occasions to give him money or power. continue reading