The truth about cheating revealed – Here is the real reason why both men and women cheat

Extensive research on gender stereotypes relating to infidelity has been carried out by Alicia Walker, author of The Secret Life Of The Cheating Wife.

The findings didn’t match what we had normally assumed.

“The men in this study enjoyed s.e.x in their affairs but valued emotional connection and intimacy more highly, while the vast majority of women purely sought s.e.xual satisfaction,” she said.

Walker added that the assumption that all men cheat was not true.

What was assumed to be wanted by women, turned out to be what men wanted.

Alicia said most men she spoke to craved intimacy and attention. When they couldn’t get it at home, they looked elsewhere.

Men wanted a woman to compliment them, praise them and listen to the mundane details of their days.

They wanted hours of sensual s.e.x, lots of kissing, and touching but the majority of women wanted no-strings s.e.x.

They wanted partners who weren’t needy or dependent.

The recent research shows that a number of men desired to stick to one partner, while many women have more than one s.e.xual partner openly and secretly.


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