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The truth about [email protected] in a marriage


If you have a DSTV decoder installed in your home, then you will be familiar with the term “self-service”.

DSTV recently introduced a self-service platform where one can pay your monthly subscriptions, check balances and upgrade your price plan.

Speaking of taking matters into your own hands, [email protected] follows the same analogy.

By definition, [email protected] is the art of pleasuring yourself without physically engaging in s.e.x.

Now, one might assume that married people shouldn’t be doing this, right?

Well, according to statistics, more and more married couples are taking the matters of pleasure into their own hands.

According to Very Well Mind magazine, it’s not unusual for people to [email protected] in addition to having regular s.e.x with their partners. For some couples, [email protected] is both an enjoyable solo and shared activity with other people, reporting that they would be aroused if they found out their partner was [email protected]

Two main theories have been promoted about the relationship between [email protected] and partnered s.e.x.

The complementary theory proposes that people [email protected] within a relationship to enhance their partnered s.e.x.

So, [email protected] might increase and improve partnered s.e.x. In contrast, the compensatory model suggests that people in relationships [email protected] as a means to substitute s.e.xual desires, whether in quantity, quality or type that go unmet within the relationship.

-daily sun

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