Home Scandals These are the last videos that made Njuzu attempt suicide

These are the last videos that made Njuzu attempt suicide


We have finally found them the videos that triggered Njuzu to try and commit suicide. It was just too much for her, and we can all see even the strongest people would shake after seeing these.

After watching the videos one will not blame Njuzu for trying to end her life, it’s just too much to handle. As she said, 2 videos would not mean much, but ladies and gentle we talking about more than 6 videos being leaked in less than 24 hours.

Word on the street is saying that lady of the moment Njuzu has tried to commit suicide. This was shared by her close friend also a socialite who goes by the name of Randy Smallz. The two are known for being very good friends.

Here are the videos we think might have triggered her to think of taking her life, as being speculated on social media. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

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Socialite 1Njuzu has gone viral again after another video has popped up on the social media platforms with her playing with her p#ssy.


Monalisa Henrietta C Zulu popularly known as 1Njuzu on her social media accounts is a Zimbabwean socialite based in learn more