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Thieves broke into all students cars writing Ziale exams and got away with all laptops and valueables


A largely systematized theft of high value goods has passed at the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education( ZIALE).
Since scholars were writing examinations, they were told to leave their valuables in their buses and that of their musketeers buses .

also the stealers attacked on the vehicles, broke into nearly all the buses for scholars getting down with laptops, phones, bags and other valuables.

In other news Somizi spills the beans about his beef with Khanyi Mbau

Mzansi media personality Somizi Mhlongo revealed why he was so angry at his friend, actress Khanyi Mbau on the latest episode of his reality show on Wednesday 8 June. Somizi Mhlongo booked a flight to Cape Town for actress Khanyi Mbau because she was going through a lot and he didn’t want her to spend New Year’s Eve alone. “Can I make plans and you fly out here now? You can’t be alone. No man don’t cry I’m sorry! Okay give me an hour… I’m making a plan right now,” he continued. The media personality said that he could relate to what the actress was going through.

“I can relate to what she is going through. Sometimes when you go through stuff you just want to be alone… but she is alone on New Year’s Eve,” he said. “Don’t worry about anything else. I’ll send you details and make your way to the airport,” he continued. On this week’s episode Somizi tells his friends to tell the actress that he wants nothing to do with her. “When you see Khanyi, please tell her I want nothing to do with her. I feel disrespected,” he said. Read moreSomizi and Khanyi Mbau

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