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This Is Stephen King Movies Year

IT Chapter 2

I have always been a fan of Stephen King’s books since secondary school. It is hard to dispute the fact that Stephen King is the best horror fiction writer, his work speaks for itself. 2019 has been a very good year for Stephen King. He has had 3 books with movie releases this year namely IT Chapter 2, In The Tall Grass and Doctor Sleep. IF you have not read the books do not be dissuaded from watching as in my opinion the movies are very good.

Stephen King

With IT Chapter 2 I had an idea what to expect as it was a continuation from IT Chapter 1 where Pennywise our favorite, Creepy, Scary Dancing clown bounces back. I must say that was a great movie also the fact that it was longer than 2 hours but still keeps you glued to the screen says a lot. The gang comes back together 20 years later after the news of Pennywise being back to fulfill the pact they had made when they were younger. The roller coaster begins and little did they know Pennywise missed them and was waiting for them. Here is the Trailer for IT Chapter 2 below:

Moving on In The Tall Grass was a masterpiece in my opinion and it is mind-blowing it’s one of those movies you get to ponder your head after watching trying to figure out ok what the hell was going on. The whole movie seems to have been shot in a field full of grass and you have to applaud the creators for this thrilling roller coaster. I think it was genius how they brought about the concept of time manipulation in that film. I will not spoil much for those who haven’t watched it yet. Here is the trailer for In The Tall Grass:

The last project from Stephen King’s books this year is Doctor Sleep. I have not yet watched this one, but from what I understand it is like a follow up to the shining movie also based on Stephen King’s books. Stephen King has definitely owned the Horror films genre this year. Here is the trailer for Doctor Sleep: