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Three people murdered by angry mob – police

mob burning a patient at Mazabuka hospital

Three people murdered by an angry mob – police. Things are not getting any better it seems. If it’s not the gassing, it’s the killing by angry mobs.

On 20th February 2020 Three men were murdered between 07:00 to 08:00 hours in Munyumbwe. The following identification documents bearing the following particulars were found on them: Gabriel Melenga NRC 970053/11/1, Charles Banda Passport Number ZN 48434 and Timothy Hakuyu NRC 181051/75/1.

All 3 are believed to have come from Lusaka whilst driving a Toyota Prado Beige in colour Registration number ALD 7621. They had been booked at a named lodge since Monday 17th February 2020 at about 22:00 hours in Munyumbwe with a mission of forming an NGO and were to recruit One Thousand Six Hundred youths.

They met their fate when they were driving from the lodge and later encountered an agitated mob then later decided to drive back to the lodge for safety. They parked the motor vehicle and ran for safety in their rooms, the mob followed them, dragged them out of the rooms by way of damaging the doors and started hitting them with all sorts of objects.

They were later taken to the bottom road where it joins into Gwembe- Chipepo road on the tarmac with the intention of setting their bodies ablaze but failed. The bodies were left on the tarmac. The vehicle was completely burnt leaving only metal frames. The three bodies have been transferred to Monze mission hospital mortuary.

Rae Hamoonga – Deputy Police Spokesperson

In Other News – Soldiers make Hungry Lion workers to roll in mud for closing shop late – Watch

As the gassing cases continue to rock Zambia, we all agree that there is a need for extra security in the country. This has seen a heavy presence of soldiers and police on the streets of Zambia.

In the midst of all this chaos, soldiers have taken it in their hands to punish people who are closing their businesses late as seen in the video below. Hungry Lion workers including the manager were punished because they closed their business late.

We are not sure if this is part of the law but it definitely was not a good thing. Watch the video below and tell us what you think… Watch Video

In More News – Police Boss updates Zambians on Gassing and Killings

Police Boss updates Zambians on Gassing and Killings as the people of Zambia now live in fear.


Members of the press, welcome to Police Service Headquarters for this update on the security situation in the country. We have called for this briefing so that through you the media, we can update the nation on this matter of grave concern both to the government as well as members of the general public.

We could have given this extensive briefing much earlier but for fear of jeopardizing investigations, we only released information cautiously at regular intervals. Now that we have made a lot of progress in investigations and effecting arrests, we are able to interact with the public through you the media. Continue Reading