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Lerato Kganyago breathes fire after Fan tells her to get pregnant



Lerato Kganyago

Lerato Kganyago has been one of the most vocal female celebrities who spoke openly about her troubles with fertility and helping other women a long the way. The star suffered two miscarriages when she was five months in and also suffered the loss of her friend and lover.

The internet is never a good space for the sensitive and weak at heart, however, for Lerato Kganyago, she deals with the trolls head-on. Recently the radio personality shared pictures of her baecation with rumoured fiance, Thami Ndlala, however, she never confirmed nor denied the speculation.

Showing off her getaway with her significant other, LKG saw a lot of negative comments from trolls and slammed one who meddled in her business.

The troll instructed her to come back from her baecation pregnant. A comment which was deemed nasty by many of her followers, considering the fact that the it is public knowledge that Lerato suffers with fertility issues.

Clapping back at the troll, Lerato asked the tweep why her womb is any of his concern.

The feisty, yet now-deleted clapback was applauded by many however she got rid of it after her followers dragged her for paying attention to the negative people and ignoring the ones who wish her well.

Opening up about the ordeal, which happened five months into her pregnancy, she said: “I was admitted, and after the doctor did a scan she told me I had miscarried. I sat on the hospital bed numb. I called my mom and my ex, who both cried. I’m still healing. I’m not ready to have another child,” she said adding that she felt guilty and blamed herself for everything.

Lerato said she felt like less of a woman after the loss of her two children. “I have only spoken about the (most recent) one because it was the one that affected me the most. That was when I really wanted to have a child,” Lerato said in a 2017 interview on Real Talk. She underwent therapy to help her cope with the loss.

Despite her heartache, Lerato has not given up on one day becoming a mom. She says she has not ruled out adoption. Lerato used her social media platforms to educate people about adoption. She told her Twitter followers in 2017 that adoption is “not a white thing”.

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