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Toke Makinwa thinks signing a contract before a relationship will save women a lot ‘time-wasters’

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Toke Makinwa believes women should have documents signed before they agree to go into any romantic relationship.
The media personality made this known during one of the episodes of her vlog, ‘Toke Moments.’

According to her, it has become necessary for ladies to have it locked in a document because of the number of men have now become notorious ‘time wasters.’

“Wetin we nor go see for this relationship, I never see am for my life. Maybe you’ll find out one is a time-waster. Do you know how busy I am? that I decided to make time for you and you now want to waste my time. See ehn…I said I’m not doing anymore,” she said.

“If I meet the next guy who para venture wants to try himself, wants to try and question the day that they gave birth to him by trying to talk to me, we are going to sign a contract. Ladies, I think we should start doing this, that way when they want to start wasting your time at least you’ve gotten something out of it.”


”When I meet you, I like you, I wat to send you this, send you that”…I’ll have my personal assistant send you a contract. You will read the contract and in that contract, you must pay me money for me to even talk to you or even allow your Whatsapp or phone call.”

As hilarious and controversial as this might sound, it is no surprise as Makinwa is famous for making comments like this on social media.

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Toke Makinwa is a multi talented On-Air personality [Instagram/TokeMakinwa]

Makinwa is known to be quite vocal about relationships and marriages.

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