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Toll gate staff warned against fraud

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National Road Fund Agency -NRFA- has warned its toll staff against engaging in fraudulent activities and malpractice while collecting toll fees.

NRFA Chief Executive Officer WALLECE MUMBA says three staff have been reported to the police for fraud and malpractice and may be appearing in court soon.

Mr. MUMBA says the agency has enhanced its surveillance systems to ensure that there is accountability in the collection of tolls.

Speaking when he addressed staff at George Kunda Toll Plaza in Mkushi, the NRFA Chief said the agency is implementing zero tolerance to malpractice in the collection of tolls.

Mr. MUMBA said Zambians are looking up to NRFA to mobilise resources to be channeled to roads and stimulate economic growth.

He urged all toll staff in the country to ensure that they safeguard the public funds being collected for road maintenance.

And the NRFA has exceeded its toll collection target for the first quarter of 2021 by 129 percent.

The agency targeted to collect 425 million Kwacha but managed to collect 547million kwacha for its 27 inland and 10 ports of entry.

Mr. MUMBA said NRFA is also rolling out a cashless payment model to increase payment options.

He said so far, 20 thousand toll cards have been issued while 80 thousand others are targeted to be issued by the end of 2021.

Mr. MUMBA said the agency will soon sign MOUs with mobile service providers, banks and financial technology firms to provide customers with ways of loading credit on the toll cards.


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