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Touch Hakainde Hichilema this time and see – UPND YOUTHS

We can now safely say that the PF leadership is composed of dull men and women who have become a grave danger to our society if left to continue ruling this country beyond 2021.

We have seen, as UPND Youths, how the Government has laboured to employ various tactics to try and link our President to the Kitwe’s ZAFFICO riots. They have used stooges like Chilufya Tayali, Amos Chanda, Police SG, Hope from Hot FM, Dora Siliya, etc. in their schemes but their plans still crumble at employing a few logical steps.

1). The news of ZAFFICO being listed on the stock market was first announced by the Minister of Finance in her maiden budget presentation. The Minister went ahead to cite article 146 to back herself up. Following this pronouncement, the Millers association had a meeting with government where the listing (sale of shares) was confirmed and it is from this meeting that the first riots broke out in Kalulushi on 2nd November, 2018. How does that come from HH?

2). HH was only on radio on 5th November, 2018 AFTER the Kitwe riots had already erupted. In fact, Police warned people, as early as 7am, from using the Chingola cemetery road because of the same riots and yet HH was only on radio at 10am. So how does HH incite people who are already up in arms?

3). A Mr. William Bwalya appeared on Prime TV and warned the PF to stop the sale of ZAFFICO on 2nd November, 2018 during the Kalulushi riots. Footage of this can be found at Prime TV studios.

4). Kitwe is a stronghold of the Patriotic Front regime, how does HH manage to incite people that do not subscribe to his policies, way of thinking and his party at large?

We understand that the plans to arrest HH are still underway and we strongly advise the PF to stay away from our President as we will not sit and watch this time around.

The ZAFFICO problem is a PF problem and not a Hakainde problem, let the PF sort their own problems without always smearing our leader in the failures.

And while we are still on failures, we hereby demand the Government to release the Vespers Shimuzhila report immediately!!

We are begging the government to stop INCITING us to riot because arresting an innocent man is more than inciting us. Last time we watched because our leader stopped us from burning this country up, we will not have to even listen to him this time around.

We promise to riot from every corner of the country should Hakainde be arrested for nothing!!

source: Zambian Observer