Nigerian star Toyin Lawani slammed over high slit nun outfit – Photos

Quite a number of people Christians particularly on social media, have taken to the comment section of popular Nigerian celebrity stylist and fashion entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani to air their displeasure over a racy Nun outfit she donned to a movie premiere recently.Toyin Lawani1

On Sunday March 28th, Nigerian actress and movie producer, Toyin Abraham, premiered her latest movie, The Prophetess and had a theme for guests to dress like church workers.Toyin Lawani2

The celebrity stylist chose to dress as a Nun — however, her nun outfit was nothing compared to what an actual nun will wear as hers had high slits that stemmed up to her privates.

In Other News: Kabwe woman shares x-rated video on social media – WATCH

Leaked ex-rated videos seem to the norm these days. Barely a week after politician and PF member Lukombo Kalimba’s s_ex video flooded social media, another video is making the rounds.kabwe woman1

This time a h0ny a Kabwe woman’s video is trending, in the video the woman is seen touching herself while singing along tolearn more

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