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Trade Kings receive top manufacturers’ recognition

The African Business Council has recognized Trade Kings Group as the top African manufacturer of fast-moving consumer goods.

Trade Kings received the award from AMANY ASFOUR, president of the Africa Business Council, who noted that the company has made significant contributions to the transformation of the African Continent through its investments in the area.

According to Dr. ASFOUR, Trade Kings has contributed value to the business over the past 25 years through creating jobs.

She outlined how Commerce Kings Group has improved trade, industrialization, and investment promotion between Africa and the rest of the world among the African private sector.

The general manager of Trade Kings Group, Lux Subramanian, also expressed gratitude to the Africa Business Council for recognizing the contributions made by his organization to the manufacturing sector.

Mr. SUBRAMANIAM claimed that his firm has been propelled by an unwavering focus on innovation as one of the fundamental foundations in expanding the enterprise in the constantly changing environment.

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